Sunday, July 19, 2009

R.I.P Charles Gillian Prow

16th July 2009

One of my favourite memories of you was just last NYE when that random dude came in to the house party,and we put that silver chinese takeaway box on his head,he was screaming at us saying we had taken things too far,we were laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes.

Also i wanted to say thanks for being one of the people that went out of there way to indroduce me to everyone when i first moved here.

I remember my going away to America party and i know it was you that organized that.I know that your one of the few people that would do any thing for anyone,or be it for some fags or tinnys

Your one in a million man and one of my best friends,im proud to have known you for the tears that i did
Yesturday im sure you would be happy to know we all Bic razored are heads in true Prow fashion,i even shaved a capital "C" in my chest hair and have I heart C.P written in permanent marker on my head.We all then went to the Basement and drank the way you would have wanted us to.I think Ricky Adam wanted us to do a photo shoot thing with me and our shaved heads,but i had to go to work.Life goes on.

RIP seems almost innapropriate because i know you would be terrorizeing the streets and the women wherever you are


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